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About Us

We are dedicated, creative, hardworking & love a challenge. 

The YooYah company made from key individuals who each bring considerable technical and business experience in the field of IT, web based development, design,  communications, strategic planning and project management. We create simple effective solutions for the common challenges experienced in today's world. We do this through the development and tailoring of Intelligent Web Based Application Software and Services as well as creative digital production services.

We help you translate technology into meaningful outcomes for your organisation. Whether you need a small online community that is member driven, a large government secure intranet, a compliance learning framework or simply a new web based presence, YoOYah is perfectly placed to help you maximise your project. We are results focussed with all of our clients, irrespective of size.

We pride ourselves on the invention, innovation and provision of technology that provides tangible benefits.

We are one of the most cost effective providers of high end 'Web Based Applications' Solutions and Services. YoOYah 'CMS & Software Framework' represents innovation, invention and software engineering that is helping create and shape the marketplace today. We lead through invention and interaction.