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Social Media Trends

  1. Mobile first
    Mobile is becoming the preferred channel for social media (There are six million more mobile phones than there are people in Australia!) and it's essential to optimize the content you share with your target audience. 90 percent of social media users use multiple screens sequentially, meaning that your content not only should be adapted to smart phones and computer screens, but also tablets and TV. Consider great responsive designs that adapt to your customers ever changing needs.

  2. Visual content is King
    An image is worth a thousand words! The increased use of social networks like Pinterest or Intragram highlight that internet users love image-based posts. Both platforms saw record growth in 2012, and this trend promises to continue over 2013. According to Nielson, Pinterest grew its audience from 2.5 million to 25 million between July 2011 and February 2012, while more than 5 million photos are uploaded on Instagram every day. Take this trend into consideration when thinking about your company's social media tactics.

  3. Incorporate Video
    Consider that more than 72 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute, that it is the 2nd biggest search engine online and the number one search engine for travel within the 18-24 years old demographic, and one can easily understand why video has become pivotal for many organizations. Video is number one for engaging your customer whether it is used on social media or web sites.

    Employing the services of a production company makes sence as quality is key when it comes to video. In house production companies can also offer post production services including editing and sound to produce high quality pieces as opposed to shakey hand held video camera pieces.

  4. Increase use of sourced content
    Social networks are designed to encourage user to share. From images and text, videos and opinions, user generated content results in a web full of content connected to your brand. Source and share content from friends, fans, blogs, and creative channels. Using fan generated content work as peer-to-peer recommendations, word of mouth is the strongest source for marketing you'll ever get. User generated content brings transparency to the brand and shows consumer appreciation.  Engage with your social media outlets and encourage your users to do the same.