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Subject Selections for 2012 Process

Click here to view information to families with students currently in 8.10 Home Group, Yr 9, Yr 10, or Yr 11 about the 2012 Subject Selection Process

Yr 12 Formal 2011

Click here to view letter to Year 12 families about the Year 12 Formal scheduled for Friday 8 July. It includes the consent form for families to complete and return by Friday 24 June.

Yr 8 One-2-One Learning Laptop Program

Click here to Yr 8 One-2-One Laptop Learning Program Handbook

Yr 9 One-2-One Learning Laptop Program

Click here to Yr 9 One-2-One Laptop Learning Program Handbook


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Tuesdays 8.15 - 9.45am

Wednesdays 12 - 1.00pm

Fridays 1.00 - 2.00pm


Mon 25 Jul
Semester 2 Term 3 starts

Mon 25 - 29 Jul
Roxby Downs IGNITE Trip

Mon 25 - 29 Jul
Yr 12 Semester 1 Exams

Fri 29 Jul
Reports Term 2 Issued

30 Jul - 5 Aug
Yr 11 Ski Trip

Thu 4 Aug
Australian Mathematics Competition

8 - 19 Aug
Koishikawa SES Study Tour/IB

Tue 9 Aug
Yr 9 Parent Info Night - SACE/IB

Wed 10 Aug
MASA Quiz Night

Thu 11 Aug
Yr 9 Parent Info Night - SACE/IB (repeat of Tue 9 Aug)

15 - 18 Aug
Science Olympiads Qualifying Exams

Thu 18 Aug
Yr 11 Parent Info Night - SACE/IB

22 - 26 Aug
Yr 10 Ski Trip

Fri 26 Aug
Newsletter Issue 5

Tue 30 Aug
Yr 11 Subject Selections Confirmation Meetings

Wed 31 Aug
Yr 9 Subject Selections Confirmation Meetings

Thu 1 Sep
Yr 10 PLP Pathway Planning Day/Subject Selections Confirmation Meetings


Click here for latest important notices including the Annual General Meeting invitation to all GIHS families & Expression of Interest for GIHS Parent Committees and Groups

Code of Conduct Policy

1. Relationships
The quality of relationships is crucial to successful learning. At Glenunga International High School all members of the school community are expected to foster harmonious interpersonal relationships by:

  • being courteous and considerate to others at all times
  • co-operating and complying with reasonable requests from others; students, staff and other authorised people
  • positively contributing to the international culture of the school, through co-operative actions, understanding, tolerance and empathy
  • communicating with students, staff and visitors in a respectful manner, using polite language and tone
  • keeping our school community free from harassment, aggression and violence. All forms of harassment (sexual, verbal, racial, physical, intellectual) are totally unacceptable
  • assisting visitors to the school and being courteous to them
  • abiding by the Sports Policy.

    2. Learning and Attendance
    Glenunga International High School programmes are success oriented. Parents and teachers provide guidance and support for adolescents and young adults who are developing greater independence.
    Students need to demonstrate their intention to learn through their attitude and approach to their studies by:

  • accepting responsibility for their own learning and seeking help when needed
  • arriving at lessons on time, with all materials and equipment
  • working efficiently in the classroom and completing set work punctually
  • respecting the rights of other students to learn and teachers to teach
  • using their school diary effectively
  • completing set homework punctually
  • using computers responsibly for learning purposes and abiding by the Acceptable Use Policy and the Internet Users Agreement
  • attending school regularly and punctually
  • attending every scheduled lesson including Supervised Study
  • obtaining a lunch pass where required
  • providing a note of explanation in the diary from parent/caregiver for lateness and absences, at the time of return to school.
  • reporting to the focus room if late, signing out from the focus room with parent permission to leave eg for an appointment.

    3. Environment
    Students are expected to be environmentally responsible by respecting the school environment and seeking to improve it through:

  • respecting property belonging to themselves, others, or the school, including all teaching and learning materials and resources

  • conserving energy, materials and resources by switching off appliances when not in use, not wasting materials, and re-cycling materials as often as possible

  • preventing all forms of pollution and property damage through caring for property and the environment and preventing and reporting:
    - littering
    - graffitiing
    - thieving
    - vandalism
    - consumption of food, sweets, chewing gum or drink in the buildings or on the
    oval area
  • remaining out of the buildings before 8.25am, during recess and lunchtimes, except with permission from a teacher.

    Valuable items should be left at home. Diskmans, Walkmans and Mobile Phones are not to be brought to school.

    Webb Oval and the tennis/basketball courts are for the enjoyment of sport. Food is not to be consumed in these areas. Webb Oval is a shared facility with the community.

    4. Safety
    All students have the right to learn in a safe, caring and orderly environment. Students are expected to accept responsibility for the safety of themselves and others at all times by:

  • following all safety regulations in each area of the school
  • familiarising themselves with Fire and Emergency Evacuation regulations and procedures and participating in regular fire/evacuation drill exercises
  • using all equipment in a responsible manner
  • avoiding and preventing violence and threats of violence, bullying and fighting
  • not possessing potentially dangerous items such as; knives, guns, sling shots or any other potentially dangerous items
  • keeping personal possessions, including school books in the allocated locker.
  • Not taking bags into classrooms or leaving them outside the locker or classrooms.

  • Students are provided with a locker. They need to supply their own locker keys and give one key to their home group teacher.
  • Students must not interfere with others' lockers or padlocks.
  • Theft is a serious matter and if detected will result in prosecution, suspension or exclusion.
  • Bags are to be kept in the locker and not to be taken into classrooms, or left outside the locker or classroom.

  • Bicycles must be walked through the schoolyard.
  • Bicycles must be left in the racks provided - at the owner's risk.
  • Students are only permitted in the bike racks for the purpose of leaving or collecting their bike.
  • The bike racks are locked during the day and can only be unlocked by applying to the caretaker.

    Note: Skateboards are not permitted at school.

  • Students who go home for lunch daily must obtain a lunch pass from the Focus Room.
  • Students who require an occasional lunch pass must provide a written request to their home group teacher for acknowledgement, then collect a temporary pass from the Focus Room.
  • The lunch pass must be carried with the student when they go home to lunch. Permission to go home to lunch does not include permision to enter shops or visit other students' homes.

  • Students need to seek permission from the Deputy Principal through the Year Level Co-ordinator. Written parental consent must be provided and verified by the school. Students should not park in the street or drive other students' vehicles.

  • Passengers in student driven vehicles must seek permission from an Assistant Principal, after having the written consent of their own parents/caregivers and the parents of the student driving the vehicle.

    Glenunga International High School is a drug free zone. All students are expected to take positive action to prevent and avoid any drug related activity at Glenunga International High School. Passing any drug related information on to an adult is the appropriate and responsible action. Students must not ingest any illegal, or any non-medically prescribed drugs, or alcohol. Students must not bring to school, have in their possession, while in school uniform, on school property, or on any school related activity, any paraphernalia which may be related to drugs, including matches, lighters, papers, pipes, or other such items, equipment or substances. Students must not offer to sell, or sell to other students any drug, including alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes. Students must not be in the company of other students who are involved with any activity, related to drugs or alcohol, indicated above.

    Students need to move in an orderly manner at all times and in all areas of the school, keeping to the left in corridors and on the stairs. Students need to:

  • use the movement slip in the diary during lessons
  • use the computer room and resource centre booking slips
  • exercise care when walking through the carpark areas
  • keep at least 5 metres from the fence and within the permitted areas of the school
  • walk bicycles through the school grounds
  • travel to and from school and move to and from bus stops in a safe and courteous manner.

    Student drivers and passengers need to seek permission from the Deputy Principal through the Year Level Co-ordinator to drive to and from school, or to be a passenger with a student driver.

    Students suspended or excluded from school are not permitted to visit or attend the school or school related functions.

    5. School Uniform
    All students are to wear full school uniform at all times. If a student is not in full school uniform, he/she must report to the Student Services Office between 8.30-8.40am and negotiate a loan item. The loan item is to be returned at the end of the school day. School uniform is a very important safety issue.
  • If a student does not negotiate a loan item at that time they will receive a detention
  • Non-attendance at any detention will result in 2 further detentions; non-attendance at either of these will result in suspension.

    I have read and understood the code of conduct. I agree to uphold the reputation of Glenunga International High School by abiding by the code of conduct in all activities related to the school.

    Student signature __________________________date__________

    Acknowledged by parent/care giver signature________________________date________


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